Las Vegas Baby....

Well, It's quiet on the KCM Blog. This has a reason. Our President got married las weekend. In Las Vegas. Fortunaly i still now how too post some pics. So here they are.

Before they went too Las Vegas the contacted the Las Vegas VW club. And asked them if they wanted too drive them too the chappel. Well they did. They Drove them too the chappel with several aircooleds. And men... what aircooleds they have. All in such a great condition. On behalve off al KCM members i would like to say, thanks Las Vegas VW club, for driving them too the chappel. If we ever can do anything for you.....

Here some pics made by the Las Vegas VW Club.












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Congratulations Newly Weds!!
You make us all jealous...

Gepost door: Serge | 07-09-10

Herzlichen Glückwunsch und alles Gute zu eurer Traumhochzeit euch beiden!
Super Story & geile pics!!!

C.YA! greetz U-W

Gepost door: U-W | 08-09-10

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